Canada 150 – Haftseen Workshop by Hooshvar Foundation
Saturday, 11 Mar 2017 - 10:30 AM
Sunday, 12 Mar 2017 - 11:30 AM

Lower Gallery
Toronto Centre for the Arts
Toronto Centre for the Arts

Children learn to make a Haftseen display using stickers and paper sets.

Hooshvar Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization which explores, promotes, and preserves artistic, cultural and scientific heritage and wisdom of the nations, and presents and passes them along to newer generations and cross culturally, through engaging seniors and younger generations for the well- being of under-privileged communities and the people with special needs. Mission Engaging and recognition of bright seniors of diverse communities through embracing all languages and cultures and connecting them with younger generations in cultural, social, artistic or scientific assignments Vision Shaping a peaceful and advanced future by passing the wisdom and knowledge of older generations and cherishing, sharing, preserving and showcasing cultural values and characteristics of different nations and generations About the Encyclopedia of Folk Toys A one-of-a-kind encyclopedia by Professor Zardosht Hooshvar, which explores the folk toys of Tehran in the 20th century and is the result of ten years of relentless research of Professor Hooshvar, that uncovers the history of the toys, their origins, geographical area, therapeutic benefits, instructions to make them and more. This first volumeis dedicated to 110 folk toys of Tehran, the capital city of Iran.