Zuze Band
Saturday, 11 Mar 2017 - 09:00 PM

Greenwin Theatre
Toronto Centre for the Arts

Zuze is a 10-pc folk-jazz orchestra committed to arranging folk & cabaret songs of Iran to afro-inspired rhythms. Non-Iranians will respond to the driving polyrhythms and joyous spirit of the arrangements. Zuze is a 1st generation exploration of Iranian folk/pop music. We examine the way melodies travel across generations, just as people travel across distances. Comprised of active and trained professionals from Toronto, Zuze has orchestrated and reharmonized folk music from every Iranian province. The goal is to showcase the melodies of Persian culture in a harmonic and rhythmic context that bears no nation or culture. Iranians will be quick to recognize songs from pop luminaries like Googoosh and Viguen, but also teahouse melodies as popularized by Abdolvahab Shahidi and Ruhollah Khaleqi. Zuze is limited by nothing.

Zuze is a devotional experience for 1st generation Canadians, who seek access to their heritage in manners as compelling and unique as the nascency of their identity. Zuze is about depoliticizing the Iranian diaspora by celebrating a culture as old as time and as timeless as always.