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May 21, 2017

Every year we kick off Tirgan Festival with our opening ceremonies, which this year will commence on the evening of July 27th. It starts with an introduction of the festival, followed by brief appearances and speeches by honoured guests, and a performance by a feature band.  This year we are proud to announce Kiosk as...

May 18, 2017

A little while ago I was chatting with Nima Ahmadi, one of the founding members of Tirgan, and I threw some questions his way…. How did Tirgan come about?  Tirgan began with 2 simple words…. What if…. I asked what the secret was to the success of Tirgan – we perfected the dish, by trying...

May 14, 2017

“I’ve been to Tirgan events, and I love what you are doing. But, I don’t have time to become a volunteer. How else can I contribute as an individual?” We have a solution….. Tirgan Friends! A great way to contribute to Tirgan if you cannot become a sponsor or volunteer your time. Aside from the...


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