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Tirgan has come a long way over the past 10 years solely based the tireless work of dedicated volunteers. The past two years have seen Tirgan step into new territories, organizing events other than the biannual summer festival.

The othe significant achievement we are proud of is building a strong and devoted community base around Iranian arts and culture. This has only been possible through the engagement of our amazing and passionate volunteers, constant innovation and presenting a wide variety of carefully handpicked artistic and cultural programs from across Canada and around the world. Tirgan has wonderfully managed to gather thousands of people, sharing the same passion and interests in arts and culture, under one roof connecting them as rarely seen before.

The generosity and open heart of our community has definitely stood at the centre of our success story.

While we fully appreciate our accomplishments, we feel that Tirgan is now ready now to take another leap forward by launching a new Community Engagement initiative! This is both a reaffirmation of what we have accomplished working together and a bold declaration of our intention to do more.

We are inviting our circle of supporters to join us in this new chapter by becoming a Tirgan Friend and contributing through online payments of $10.00 a month. This joint effort will show off the number of Tirgan Friends and prove once more that arts and culture brings us together and makes us stronger!

Your recurring donations will contribute to:

Clearly depending on the number of Tirgan Friends we can achieve some or all of the followings:

  • Tirgan office operations: Having an operational office throughout the year will save a lot of money, time, and resources and will impact the quality and workflow in all planning, budgeting, resourcing, and many other organizational activities
  • Art accessibility: the possibility and opportunity of presenting free and/or low priced tickets to world class performances
  • Supporting artists: the possibility of supporting more artists in introducing and producing their work for a larger community
  • Creating opportunities for emerging volunteers
  • Education and engagement for the youth
  • Job creations for students and new immigrants
  • Helping our community in gaining more credibility in Toronto cultural mosaic

Annual benefits of supporting Tirgan:

  • E-news updates and newsletters
  • Discount in Tirgan Store
  • Earky ticket offering for selected events
  • Discounted tickets on selected events
  • Listing on donor page