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To avoid Ticketmaster’s service charge, order processing fees, and delivery costs, you can purchase your tickets at the Toronto Centre for the Arts box office located at 5040 Yonge Street.

Specially designed ticket packages with discounts have been devised for those who wish to attend these time honored Nowruz celebrations with larger groups of family and friends.


Toronto Centre for the Arts: 5040 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M2N 6R8

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Hamed Nikpay returns to the Tirgan stage with a riveting selection of his top hits from the last decade. Singer and multi-instrumentalist songwriter Hamed Nikpay has been at the forefront of creating and performing fusion world music for many years. In his Nowruz concert, Hamed Nikpay performs songs from his body of work in the last decade as well as a few trailblazing compositions he has recently recorded in collaboration with other artists. Hamed Nikpay’s Nowruz concert features a live band of world-renowned international musicians.

Hamed Nikpay Tirgan Nowruz Festival 2018
Mahsa Vahdat Tirgan Nowruz Festival 2018

Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat dazzle the Tirgan Nowruz Festival with a captivating vocal and instrumental performance of Iranian Classical Music. These two sisters started their journey as (traditional) Iranian vocalists under the supervision of Pari Maleki and Sima Bina. Throughout the past years, the relentless musical activities of Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat coupled with the aim of reviving the works of Persian poets have brought them international fame as ambassadors of Iranian culture.

Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat perform at “Traces of an Old Vineyard” concert in collaboration with the Norwegian Tord Gustavsen on piano and electronics and the LA based drummer Greg Ellis on percussion. The repertoire consists of songs originally composed by Mahsa and Marjan to classical poems of Hafez, Rumi, Khayyam and contemporary Iranian poets like Mohammad Ibrahim Jafari. The style is based on Iranian classical vocal tradition, but the contemporary grooves and elements of jazz influenced improvisations creates a new blend. This soulful and emotional Nowruz performance provides an exclusive opportunity for devotees of Persian music to experience these skillful musicians live in concert in Toronto.

Darya Dadvar returns to Toronto for a captivating performance titled “Bouy-e Baran, Bouy-e Eshgh” alongside a live ensemble, as a part of the 2018 Tirgan Nowruz Festival.

A Paris based, internationally renowned soprano soloist and composer, Darya Dadvar sings in multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Persian, as well as various regional native Iranian tongues. Darya Dadvar composes her own unique style of music by combining the traditional melodies of Iran with European classical vocal performance. Her ingenious talent in arranging Iranian music with Jazz and Blues elements places her amongst the top international artists with a cross-cultural following. Darya’s performances show that music knows no borders, and a heartfelt song can transcend historical, linguistic, and cultural borders.

Darya Dadvar Tirgan Nowruz Festival 2018
Khale Sooske Tirgan Nowruz Festival 2018

Khale Sooske, directed by Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam and starring Boshra Dastournezhad is the featured theatrical production in Tirgan Nowruz Festival.

Khale sooske, a play based on Bijan Mofid’s masterpiece Shahr-e ghesseh, has been performed numerous times on stage to outstanding reviews by audiences and critics. Shahr-e ghesseh, a popular musical drama by the revered playwright and stage director Bijan Mofid was first performed during The Shiraz Arts Festival in 1968 to extraordinary praise. Mofid’s dramas have deep roots in Iranian traditions and legends, and through mischievous play on words, the highly evolved characters advance the stories. In Khale sooske, Shahrokh Moshkin-Ghalam takes a humorous and playful approach to storytelling and brings to life a modern rendition of a beloved classic.

Experience this enchanting production at the Tirgan Nowruz Festival on Saturday March 10th, and two show times on Sunday March 11th

ASADI X NAGHIB: Persian Trap Music

This program brings together two gifted performers for an evening of innovative and harmonious collaboration. ASADI, a Columbus, Ohio based musical artist, brings to the table an authentic style of trap that combines alluring Persian melodies with an ancillary electronic beat. He creates a trademark modern fusion that invigorates all audiences, particularly millennials. ASADI has performed in various electronic music festivals alongside seasoned giants of the industry. Naghib Shanbehzadeh, a Paris based percussionist and drummer started playing music at the age of three. He has performed and studied in Boushehr and Kish alongside his father, Saeid Shanbehzadeh. Naghib, a current student at the Conservatory in Créteil, has mastered many traditional and southern Iranian percussion instruments such as dammam, doholgap, pipe, kesser, timpo, and zarb. Having met in the previous Tirgan Festival in 2017, these two young artists work synergistically to produce a thrilling juxtaposition of sounds that are bold, thrilling, and unmissable. Expect to hear melodies and rhythms that take on an unexpected spin on familiar and nostalgic songs from the homeland.

This live performance is followed by the Tirgan Nowruz DJ Party. The past DJ parties in partnership with Radio Javan have been nothing short of an entertaining and pleasing evening had by all.

ASADI X Naghib: Persian Trap Music Tirgan Nowruz Festival 2018
Nowruz DJ Party Radio JavanTirgan Nowruz Festival 2018

There is a common thread that connects the fiber of all Iranians: the love of dance. Even in the most inconvenient settings, when we hear a song that we know by heart, we are overtaken by the desire to groove.

Celebrating the Persian NewYear, talented DJs from Radio Javan sweep audiences off their feet at Nowruz DJ Party. Join us and dance the night away to a melange of old and new tracks masterfully remixed by the DJs. The past Radio Javan parties have been nothing short of an entertaining and pleasing evening had by all.

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